Lutien works for eye disease 目の病気にルティン

How Does Lutein Work?


A recent eye check at clinic found that a part of my eye that called retina has clouded area, which have possibilities to lead to macular degeneration!!!

So I have searched a lot and found the most important antioxidant that is crucial for eye disease .

In fact, there are more than 600 different types of carotenoids, but only about 20 make their way into the eyes. and of those 20, lutein and zeaxanthin are the only 2 that are deposited in high quantities into the macular of the eyes.


These help to fight free radical damage caused by blue light or sun exposure, a poor diet that increase the risk of vision loss or disorders like macular degeneration!

Researchers at Harvard University have found that supplementing with 6 milligrams daily of lutein can lower the risk for macular degeneration by an average of 43 percent.

you don’t have any eye disease so you think you don’t have to take these antioxidants?

NO NO.. you have better to take them regularly. Cuz lutein helps to reduce eye fatigue, glare and light sensitivity, helping to keep the lens and retina at appropriate densities, strengthening eye tissue, and ­helping vision to be more acute!!!!!


How much?

Most studies show that benefits are greatest when someone consumes 10 milligrams of lutein per day or more (along with about 2 milligrams of zeaxanthin per day).


Lutein list—-

1. Kale.                    1 cup raw: 22 milligrams

2. Turnip Greens        1/2 cup cooked: 9 milligrams

3. Collard Greens          1/2 cup cooked: 8.7 milligrams

4. Spinach                  1 cup raw: 6.7 milligrams

5. Broccoli                  1 cup cooked: 3.3 milligrams

6. Brussels Sprouts      1 cup cooked: 2 milligrams

7. Corn                        1 cup cooked: 1.4 milligrams

8. Green Beans            1 cup: 0.8 milligrams

9. Eggs                       2 whole: 0.3 milligrams

10. Orange                  1 medium: 0.2 milligrams

11. Papaya                  1 medium: 0.2 milligrams









目の主要な色素である黄斑色素濃度をあげることが網膜の病気の改善と関連している可能性のあるこ とが明らかにされています

ルテインとゼアキサンチン は、目の疾患の発生率の低下及び進行の遅延にきわめて重要な役割 を果たすとのこと。ガンガン食事からとって、次回の検診でどう変わるかを報告したいと思います。



推奨量は 1日 ルティン10mg ゼアキサンチン 2mg


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